More than 50% of the contractors fail their exams the first time around!

If you fail, it can be up to four months before you are eligible to take the exam again. You may have to submit new information to take the test again. For instance, some of the licensing boards require applicants to get a new financial audit every time you apply to take the exam. This can cost a company thousands of dollars to hire a CPA to do this detailed report! Even if your exam is open book (or some parts are open book), it is still a challenging test because there are so many questions you must look up from multiple references.

Many contractors complain that they didn’t even have enough time to look up the last 20-30 questions on their test. These unanswered questions make a difference whether you pass or fail! Most states hire private testing companies to give the examinations. You must pay a fee to them every time you take the exam. Maybe this is why the tests are so hard! As many as 27 different reference books are required for some tests!

Every contractor must pass a Business Law Exam in addition to their specialty exam.

Some boards require you to take several hours of continuing education if you do not pass your exam after two tries before you are allowed to reapply. These exams are more about test taking skills than about job knowledge.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for more than twenty years, it won’t help with your test. Memorizing the questions is not the answer either because there are several versions of every test. So, you probably won’t get the same test when you retake the exam.